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Your First Visit


Everyone wants to know what their first visit will consist of. On your first visit it is our goal to determine whether you have a problem we can help you with. In this office that means we will determine if you have spinal imbalance. Spinal imbalance can create an irritation to the nervous system and create virtually any set of symptoms. If you have spinal imbalance we can help you.


This office determines the presence of spinal imbalance by two tests; bilateral scales, and leg-length evaluation. Three measurements are taken with the bilateral scales revealing a trend of weighing heavy on one side if you have spinal imbalance. Then leg-length is evaluated while lying prone on the treatment table. One leg will appear shorter than the other if you have spinal imbalance.


If you have spinal imbalance, there is a tendency for that imbalance to be ongoing, which implicates a permanent structural defect.


On your second visit the doctor will provide you with a detailed report with recommendations to optimize and maintain your spinal imbalance.


We frequently make comparisons of the human body to other mechanical equipment such as a vehicle. You cannot get a new vehicle and never perform any scheduled maintenance, and expect the vehicle not to break down. But that is exactly what we do with our bodies. We don't maintain them and yet we expect them to perform forever. If you have spinal imbalance you will need to perform scheduled maintenance on it as long as you own it.

Additional Comparison

Another example could be other procedures we know are good for us. It is pretty well understood that excercise is good for us. However, you cannot excercise for two weeks when you are twenty five, and expect to be healthy when you are sixty five. You have to keep excercising to gain the health benefits from it. You have to maintain your spinal balance to gain the health benifits it provides.

We attempt to foster a healthy, interactive patient/doctor relationship. We encourage you to voice any questions or concerns you may have with your suggested treatment schedule so that we can ensure you have a pleasant chiropractic experience.

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